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Real Freedom Deliverance Training

  • Real Freedom Part I

    Experience freedom through this 9 module video course
    • Intro to Deliverance
    • Un-forgiveness & Bitterness I
    • Un-forgiveness & Bitterness II
    • Overcoming the Spirit of Fear I
    • Overcoming the Spirit of Fear II
    • Ungodly Soul Ties
    • Spirit, Soul, & Body Ties I
    • Spirit, Soul, & Body Ties II
    • Corporate Deliverance
  • Real Freedom Part II

    Cleansing your home of spiritual darkness
    • How to come out of captivity
    • Deal with brokenness & inner healing
    • Coming out of places of bondage
    • Deal with generational curses
    • Healing the soul after traumatic events
    • Overcome past relationships & abuse
    • Addressing Arrested Development
  • Real FreedomPart III

    Dealing with the occult
    • The danger and infiltration of the occult
    • Dealing with witchcraft and new age
    • Yoga and alternative medicines
    • Secret societies and entertainment
    • Close demonic doors
    • Witchcraft and New Age in the Church
    • How to protect our youth and family

Are you ready to experience breakthrough? The Real Freedom Deliverance/Training Course is a three-part online video series. You will also gain access to our private Facebook community.

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