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Bev Tucker

Setting The Captives FREE


Pastor Bev Tucker is an anointed woman of God with a passion to reach hurting people. She and her husband Lewis began ministering deliverance after God divinely called them. Pastor Bev and Lewis have witnessed thousands of testimonies relating to freedom.


Not only is she an excellent minister, but also has a testimony that clearly shows how deliverance can revolutionize a life. Over twenty years ago she went in search of deliverance for her family. Not finding the ministry she was seeking in the local church, she came across a book that contained a phone number to call if in need of deliverance. That one call changed her life and showed her just how important it is to be free from the bondage of the enemy.

As a former schoolteacher and mentor, Pastor Bev has a heart for people. Through her ministry, thousands have been set free from addictions to alcohol and drugs, fear, anxiety, and depression have vanished and so much more. Those struggling with alternative lifestyles have seen freedom.


Pastor Bev’s heart is for everyone to live the life that God has destined. You don’t want to miss this powerful Bible-based teaching or the anointing that God has placed on this woman’s life

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